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From the desk of Dr. Tad & Adriana James

NLP Master Trainers, Tad James Co.

Dear NLP Enthusiast,

          Have you always wanted to learn advanced NLP techniques but don’t
know where to start?

          Maybe you attended a few courses and workshops in the past, but still
can’t see how everything ties in together.

          Or perhaps you wish to be certified as an NLP Practitioner yourself so
you can help others… but don’t know how to get started.

          If so, you’re in the right place.

          Here’s the truth…


Not All NLP Programs Are Created Equal!


          My name is Dr. Tad James and I have been in the NLP training business
since 1983. Over the past 3 decades, my company (Tad James Co.) has trained
and certified more NLP Master Trainers in the world than any other organization.
Many of our graduates have since become outstanding NLP coaches in their own
right, contributing greatly to the advancing field of NLP.

          You may have read about some of the NLP techniques I pioneered, such as
Time Line Therapy™ which is the cornerstone of almost every popular personal
development course today. Time Line Therapy™ has diverse practical applications…
ranging from erasing past trauma, goal achievement to the conquering of addictions
and I’m glad to have played a part in it.

          You see, even after close to three decades in this field (I was the 2nd person
in the world to be certified as an NLP Master Trainer)… I’m still passionate about
sharing NLP. Knowing that I’m making a difference in people’s lives is what keeps
me going, conducting over 50 workshops across 3 continents every single year.


          I don’t take this responsibility lightly though, since I have seen NLP change
people’s lives in more ways than one. Most importantly, a person who masters NLP
can not only use it to improve his own life… but also to help others.


          Whether you are looking for greater financial success, career progression,
better relationships or a more fulfilling life
… the mastery of NLP can help you
achieve all that, because NLP is literally…


The Language Of Your Mind!


          Everyone knows how powerful the human mind is but most people don’t even
know how to tap into its vast potential. Even most personal development authors and
coaches are merely scratching the surface of what is possible.

          NLP gives you a way to tap into your potential at a deeper level… to program
your subconscious mind for success
such that the achievement of your goals becomes
almost automatic.

          Most people living mediocre lives are doing the direct opposite. They have
unknowingly programmed their mind for unwanted results… and yet wonder why
things just “show up” in their lives! With a good mastery of your mind through NLP,
you’ll be able to reverse all that.

          But here’s the catch: Most NLP books, courses and programs on the market
today are what I consider to be…


“Popular” NLP Books!


          Have you ever read one of those “popular science” books? Sure, they make for
a good, entertaining read… but they are hardly what a serious student of quantum
Physics will turn to as an authoritative source on the subject.

          In the same way, many “popular NLP” programs on the market are entertaining
or even motivational… but they’re NOT what a serious student of NLP should study.
In other words, much of the content in these “popular NLP” products are watered-down
for a general audience that just wants a few quick tips they can apply to their lives.

          If you’re looking at overcoming deeper issues, achieving greater goals or
creating long-lasting changes… then these basic techniques will NOT cut it for you.

          For many years, the ONLY way to learn these jealously-guarded, advanced
NLP techniques was through exclusive, closed-door training sessions. Many of
these techniques are only known to a small circle of practitioners, and it is not
uncommon for them to charge thousands of dollars just to teach a single technique!

          In fact, some coaches even demand that you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement
with them before they teach you one of their advanced techniques… so you are legally
bound NOT
to teach it to anyone else!

          Little wonder this whole NLP Practitioner business is shrouded in so much secrecy!

          If you have attended one of my live training sessions before, you’ll know that
I’m a BIG believer in the sharing of knowledge. This is not to say that original ideas
and intellectual rights should not be respected… but I believe in sharing for the greater
It is through open sharing that our field progresses, and not through selfish

          That’s why I decided to create…


The Most Advanced And Comprehensive NLP Training

Program On The Internet!

          Part of the reason why I decided to put together this comprehensive training
package is due to the growing popularity of NLP. In the current economy, I know
there are many of you who are interested in learning advanced level NLP, but for
one reason or another, are unable to travel to attend a live workshop or certification.

          So while the final certification process always has to be done “live” (to maintain
our high standards)… the preparation process can be done anywhere. For the first
time ever with the release of this new advanced course, I hope to make NLP
accessible to anyone who is interested.

          You may be wondering what’s inside this new, comprehensive course I specially
designed and put together for you. The basis of this ground-breaking home study
course is based on my actual Accelerated NLP Practitioner Certification® Training
course we have conducted for over 20 years.


Introducing The Mastering NLP Package:
Advanced Stuff
For Serious Learners Only!


Test Drive “Mastering NLP”

For A Full 60 Days for $495!



 Here’s what you get in this huge package so you can learn from the comfort
of your own home, at your own pace:

  • 20 modules of intensive NLP advanced-level training personally conducted
    by me, Dr. Tad James (This is just like attending a live, 1-to-1 training session
    with me!)
  • 20 downloadable audio training modules in MP3 format so you can listen and
    learn anywhere
  • 1 Mastering NLP course workbook (over 400 pages long, filled with detailed
    instructions on how to apply each technique, and the science behind each technique)
  • Time Line Therapy® Book
  • And more!

(NOTE: Depending on your familiarity with NLP at this point, some of the
techniques and methods outlined below may seem new to you. However, we
will spend time on each technique in the training so you can learn them in the
most effective way. If you are an intermediate / advanced NLP practitioner,
my explanation of these techniques may provide additional insights.)

What you’ll learn in this complete Mastering NLP package:

  • The NLP Communication Model and why so many people self-sabotage their own
    success – If you have tried every single self-help technique but nothing seems to be
    working, it may be the result of one of these 3 automatic filters.
  • The differences between a “state” and a “goal” in NLP – Most NLP teachers only talk
    about getting into a particular state… but that does not guarantee the achievement
    of a particular goal or outcome.
  • The 9 keys to an achievable outcome – If you want to use NLP to achieve your
    goals, then the outcome must be worded in these 9 specific ways. Most practitioners
    fail to ask the 9th question!
  • What the Presuppositions of NLP are and why they are important to an
    NLP practitioner
  • 20 prime directives of your unconscious mind, as taught in my Time Line
    Therapy ® Certification Training program – Understanding the unconscious
    mind is the first step to programming and using it correctly!


Yes Tad and Adriana, I have read enough! Let me get instant access
to your “Mastering NLP” package and these advanced
NLP strategies
right now!


  • How to build rapport with another person, even with a total stranger whom
    you’re meeting for the first time (Plus hear the actual story of how I built rapport for
    a client, which resulted in him securing a bank loan!)
  • Why building rapport is not just about mirroringbut also about understanding
    the physiology, tonality and the words used by the other party. I go in-depth
    into the art of building instant rapport.
  • How to develop sensory acuitythe ability to detect minute, moment to moment
    changes in other people
  • The Representational System Preference Test you can use to find out the
    preferred representational system (visual, auditory or kinesthetic) of a person
  • Why understanding the preferred representational system of an individual allows
    you to build better rapport with them… to help them in the achievement of
    their goals


Yes Tad and Adriana, I have read enough! Let me get instant access
to your “Mastering NLP” package and these advanced
NLP strategies
right now!


  • How to use the 3 powerful intonation patterns in the English language to
    create long-lasting change and results
  • The 2 most powerful syntax patterns in the English language you can use at
    any time to get people to do your bidding
  • How to decipher a person’s eye patterns as you are communicating with
    him / her – This is perhaps one of the most powerful techniques in NLP which will
    allow you to INSTANTLY tell whether a person is lying to you or telling the truth!
  • The science of submodalities and internal representations (By finding out
    how we internally represent success or failure, we’ll be able to invoke those states
    every single time!)
  • How to use constrastive analysis to find crucial differences between submodalities


Yes Tad and Adriana, I have read enough! Let me get instant access
to your “Mastering NLP” package and these advanced
NLP strategies
right now!


  • Other submodalities techniques covered in detail include: Mapping across,
    swish patterns, dissociative techniques and perceptual positions
  • How to use submodalities to change a particular LIKE to a DISLIKE (This is useful
    in the case of addictions or substance abuse.)
  • How to use submodalities to change deep-seated beliefs (I provide you with a
    step-by-step script you can use.)
  • My submodalities checklist I use to elicit an accurate picture of how we are
    “internally representing” something – This is the actual checklist I use every single
    time I work with a client!
  • How to do a swish pattern and what a swish pattern really is
    (Contrary to popular belief, swish patterns are NOT used to change or remove
    old habits!)


Yes Tad and Adriana, I have read enough! Let me get instant access
to your “Mastering NLP” package and these advanced
NLP strategies
right now!


  • Milton’s hypnotic language patterns and how to use them
  • How to detect presuppositions in someone’s speech
  • The hierarchy of ideas concept and why it is so important to be able to
    “chunk up” and “chunk down” according to the situation – This skill is actually what
    most successful people possess!
  • Understanding the Milton Model and the use of hypnotic language patterns
  • 19 sneaky hypnotic language patterns you can use in everyday speech to
    persuade anyone at any time… in a business or personal setting (Please use these
    for good only!)


Yes Tad and Adriana, I have read enough! Let me get instant access
to your “Mastering NLP” package and these advanced
NLP strategies
right now!


  • Steps to generating a metaphor you can use when working with a client,
    including the technique of breaking up sequences to reduce direct conscious
  • The 4 steps to effective anchoring
  • The 5 factors that affect the success of an anchor, and how to choose a
    good anchor
  • A state elicitation script you can use to get your subject into a particular state
  • How to stack several anchors for better results
  • My 12-step method for collapsing anchors (and eliminating unwanted,
    negative states)


Yes Tad and Adriana, I have read enough! Let me get instant access
to your “Mastering NLP” package and these advanced
NLP strategies
right now!


  • What to do if your client is currently in a stuck state, and you want to move him
    into a state that is drastically different from where he is now (We do so by
    chaining anchors)
  • The New Orleans Flexibility Drill revisited
  • How to build a physiology of excellence through the “Ring of Power”
    exercise – This exercise will build an extremely powerful anchor for a resourceful
    state of mind.
  • The T.O.T.E model of strategies (Strategies are a series of experiences that
    consistently lead to an outcome.)
  • Questions you should ask to elicit a particular strategy
  • Ways to install new strategies or to change existing strategies


Yes Tad and Adriana, I have read enough! Let me get instant access
to your “Mastering NLP” package and these advanced
NLP strategies
right now!


  • How to formulate effective strategies for motivation and learning
  • The context reframe and meaning reframe
  • How to use the Parts Integration process to resolve internal conflict
  • How to use Time Line Therapy® to deal with the root cause of problems,
    phobias or negative emotions (including a detailed guide through the process)
  • What to do if negative emotions are simply not released during the Time Line
    Therapy process. Here’s how you should handle them instead, by using a series
    of “general reframes”…
  • The Fast Phobia Model for getting rid of phobias


Yes Tad and Adriana, I have read enough! Let me get instant access
to your “Mastering NLP” package and these advanced
NLP strategies
right now!


  • Understanding the Family Therapy Model and how it can be used to solve
    interpersonal problems between family members
  • How to apply NLP to the sales process
  • And many, many more


This Is The Most Advanced NLP Training You Can Possibly Get…

Without Stepping Out Of Your House!


          If you have always wanted to learn everything about NLP but can’t take the time
off to attend a full-fledged NLP workshop… this is the next best alternative for you.

          As mentioned, the basis of this “Mastering NLP” Home Study Course is my
Accelerated NLP Practitioner Training™ Program and my FasTrak™ NLP Practitioner Training
Program. The material you’ll receive in this comprehensive package is equivalent to over
200 hours of quality NLP training from me. Best of all, you can learn from the comfort of
your own home… at your own pace.

          One word of warning though – This Mastering NLP Home Study Course is
for serious practitioners only. It is only for those who want to have an in-depth mastery
of some of the most advanced NLP techniques. If you are not willing to put in the work
required to master this material, then this is not for you.

          But if you are willing to listen to the audios, go through the workbook and actually
get down to doing the exercises… I’m here to guide you each step along the way.


How Would You Like To Be The
Next NLP Master Trainer?


          Since you have read until here, you probably know the benefits NLP can bring
to your personal and professional life. I’m committed to helping you achieve your goals,
which is why if you’re serious… I want to make it extremely easy for you to get your
hands on my complete training.

          If you were to attend one of my live training sessions this course is based on,
it would set you back by $4,895 to $7,695 PER program NOT including room and airfare.
The average investment to get proficient in NLP is thus $15,000 exclusive of your
travel expenses.

          Since this is a home-study course, I decided that charging a quarter of that ($3,750)
is a reasonable price… considering the amount of material you’ll be getting.

          Yet I’m also aware that in this current economy, forking out 4 grand at once for
training may not always be possible… which is why we are offering a strictly limited
85% scholarship discount to help you get started…


The full Mastering NLP Home Study Course is yours now for only…

$3,750 $495 (With 85% Scholarship Discount)

Test Drive “Mastering NLP”

For A Full 60 Days for $495!


          But you don’t have to make a decision now. My team and I would like to invite you
to test-drive this brand new, Mastering NLP Home Study Course for a full 60 days.
Get your hands on this course and apply all the advanced NLP techniques to your
own life. Or use them to help others.

          If you’re not totally convinced that Mastering NLP is the BEST advanced-level
NLP course on the Internet, just let us know and we’ll refund every single dollar you paid.
No questions asked and no hard feelings.

          You don’t have to decide right now. Take one full year to test-drive the course
to see if this is for you. If it’s not, just let us know anytime within the next 60 days and
you pay nothing!

Yes Tad! Let Me Test Drive “Mastering NLP” Right Now

For A Full 60 Days for $495!

          Remember – We may withdraw the 85% scholarship discount at any time so
please download your copy of the course right now. There is totally no risk on your part,
and you are 100% covered by our iron-clad, 60-day money-back guarantee. If the
Mastering NLP Course is not what you imagined it to be, just let us know and you
can have it for FREE!

          Of course, by offering it at such a low price and backing it up with such a solid
guarantee that is almost unheard of in this industry, I run the risk of having people
ripping me off.

But my goal here is to help YOU. I want to make it as easy as possible for you
to get access to my training… and since you cannot attend my live training sessions…
I want to give you the NEXT BEST experience possible, which is to learn my material
from the comfort of your own home

I stand behind my “Mastering NLP” Home Study Course fully with my 30 years of
reputation in the NLP industry.

          One year from now, you can either be an advanced and proficient NLP
or you can still be right where you are… wishing you took this course.

Only YOU can make this choice. There is no risk on your part. Go for it now.


To Your Success,


Dr. Tad & Adrian James
Tad James Company


P.S – If you don’t even want to take advantage of our 85% scholarship discount right
now to get your hands on my training… and you saying that your future success is not even
worth $495? There is completely no risk on your part when you download the Mastering
NLP Course
today and learn these jealously guarded NLP secrets.  

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